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Jeff's friends and clients have raised a memorial fund in order to preserve his memory on the river that he so dearly loved.  The funds raised have been used to purchase a bronze plaque with his likeness and a fitting inscription for the best fly fisherman, guide and instructor/teacher that the Little Red River has ever known.  The plaque has been mounted on a rock that has been placed on the bank of the river where Jeff lived and  first learned to fly fish at Ritchey Shoal. Ironically, the picture on the plaque happened to be the last fish picture of Jeff taken! It was on Christmas morning just two weeks before he passed away. R.I.P.  


     Jim and Joanne Ewoldt

Jim and Susu Kane

Tony and Taylor Simmons

Ebb Estes

Dick and Bobbi Jo Sweebe

Dana and Julie Walker

Shawnee & Supreme Boats

Howard Schwander

R&R Longboats

Joe and Kim Murdaugh

Rob Williams

Chris and Samantha Tanner

John Wade

Rick Bush

Kevin and Rob Devore

Dave Mulder

Rob Mowat

Kevin Daniels

Stan Sackman

Mike and Kathy Mayton

Gary Davis

Phil and Emily Landry

Greg and Kathleen Holland

Brian Bratcher

Tom Gazaway

Tom Robertson

Lynette Gaslin

Ken and Mary Swinburne 

Quincy and Mary Morrison 

Joe Millner

Mike and Andrea Stark

Donnie Hyslip

Jim and Vicki Riley

Blake James

Matt Millner

Tim Holton

HT and Hallie Simonton

Gene Smith

Joe Julian

Hank Martin

Gary Gray

David Alford

Joe and Carolyn Euler

Jack and Patti Lassiter

Jim and Adam Kever

Mike Davis


Thanks to everyone that made this project possible
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